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BRIDA Smart Thermostat, 3500W

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Heating and cooling with the BRIDA Smart Thermostat- high accuracy and remote control

BRIDA keeps the temperature of your reptile habitat constant and allows you to control several devices simultaneously. This digital thermostat offers app- and voice control, manual settings, easy setup, and other beneficial features. Though without day/night functionality. Rapid feedback and high accuracy - BRIDA's temperature data is refreshed every 1 second. 


The Brida Smart Thermostat is part of our Climate Control and Smart Tool selection.

Wide range, visible display, and waterproof

The BRIDA smart thermostat has a wide temperature range, making it ideal for reptiles needing a more extreme tropical habitat. Enjoy high and low-temperature alarms and a large, visible display showing the measured and set temperatures. Even at night, reading is clear and convenient on the 2.3-inch screen with a backlight.

In addition to a waterproof sensor probe, BRIDA has a generous 2-meter sensor cable for precision placement and flexibility. 

Easy setup

Simply plug the BRIDA smart thermostat into a power source. Then set the temperature range you want to use in your reptile enclosure. Insert the probe, and plug the heater into the outlet. This will get the device up and running in no time. 

Remote control

Nowadays, we rely on our smartphones for all sorts of things. Why not do the same for our reptiles too? Effectively controlling and setting up a reptile's habitat can provide many benefits with an intelligent climate control thermostat such as our BRIDA.
There's a Wi-Fi feature on the BRIDA Smart Thermostat so that you can control it with your smartphone. You can set the temperature from anywhere. Get reminders and notifications with stats on the temperature levels in your enclosures. There is no need to worry anymore when away from home—always keep your reptiles safe and healthy.
Would you prefer not to be controlled by your phone all the time? Don't worry. BRIDA is also easy to handle manually if you are not into apps.


More features

  • Effortless setting
  • Durable, reliable thermostat
  • Fast response and high accuracy
  • Displays centigrade and Fahrenheit
  • Temperature accuracy 0.5
  • Generous screen displays
  • Heating and cooling outputs
  • High and Low temp alarms
  • Compressor delay protection
  • Temperature calibration
  • Works with Alexa & Google Home
  • Waterproof sensor probe
  • Wide Temperature control range - Temperature probe range: -30C-105C/-22F-221F
  • Supports equipment sharing
  • Intelligent scene collection (you choose different sceneries for examples of different types of reptiles).
  • Up to 3500W/16A high current can be connected to more loads
  • Two built-in sockets (one for heating and one for cooling)



What to know about thermostats

Thermostats are just as important as heating sources for creating, controlling, and maintaining the specific environmental conditions you need for your reptile to thrive. The heat needs to be consistent and supervised in reptile enclosures. So you will always get value for your money with an accurate and reliable thermostat. 


Save yourself the stress

Different species of reptiles have varying temperature requirements. A smart thermostat will help you keep your specific heat level requirements inside the enclosure. With easy setup features, a thermostat will eliminate the strain of constantly worrying about the temperature in your enclosures. You can leave your home or sleep knowing that your beloved pet has optimal conditions 24/7. You can program temperature scope, time intervals, and on/off times. The thermostat you choose should be effortless to operate and program. Digital units are typically comfortable to read and use and are generally more accurate. Thermostats with a broader temperature range are preferable, as you’ll have more variety in their usage.


How to use thermostats

A smart thermostat controls the temperature generated by the heat source. Place the probe inside a reptile tank and measure the tank's temperature. You can set the thermostat to a specific temperature. When the probe indicates that the temperature is too cool, the thermostat will turn the heating source on, and when the temperature gets too hot, it will turn the heating source off. The most crucial factor in correctly using a smart thermostat is the placement of the probe. The probe will only measure the temperature of the air around it. So you should place it where the animal is most frequently located.



  • Color: Black
  • Size: 206mm67mm39.4mm
  • Material: PC+ABS flame retardant material 94V0
  • Connection
  • 1. Low Power Consumption BLE;
  • 2. Low Power Consumption WIFI Connection
  • Wireless frequency 2.412~2.484GHz
  • Output AC outlet*2
  • Related power 3500W(250V16A)Wide voltage
  • Input AC100-250V 50/60Hz
  • Power cord 1.5M
  • Certificate FCC ID /CE RED/RoHS
  • Charging solution Wide voltage 
  • APP Smart Life + Tuya Smart solution + voice control
  • Temperature Stable Range -30~ 105℃ (-22~ 221°F)
BRIDA Smart Thermostat, 3500W (close-up on backlighted display) - STOCKHOLM REPTILES
BRIDA Smart Thermostat, 3500W (overview) - STOCKHOLM REPTILES
BRIDA Smart Thermostat, 3500W (probe) - STOCKHOLM REPTILES
BRIDA Smart Thermostat, 3500W (accessories) - STOCKHOLM REPTILES