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ELEA Heating Pad with temperature adjustment

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Easy and effective, it provides warmth from below with various sizes and outputs suitable for every tank and budget.

The ELEA Heating Pad is an under-tank steady heat source made specifically for reptiles like turtles, tortoises, snakes, lizards, insects, and terrariums of all kinds. They come in a wide variety of sizes and are just right for fitting nearly any enclosure. In addition, the mats have a paper-thin design that makes them easy to slip under every tank. ELEA Heat pads are inexpensive and can help keep your scaly pets in optimal conditions throughout the year. As a result, they are a simple and no-nonsense way of ensuring that your reptile stays warm year-round.

  • Simple and no-nonsense
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Steady heat flow
  • Water-resistant 

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    Perfect sizing

    The ELEA Heating Pad is available in seven formats and each with various wattage. Moreover, with seven variable mats to choose from and the built-in dimmer function, you also can adjust freely for the perfect temperature. Indeed, there is something for every tank type and budget. So you will end up with perfect-size heating mats that will provide a stable 24-hour source of warmth.


    A stable, low-cost heat source

    Low temperatures can cause lethargy, digestion, and shedding problems for your scaled friend. On the other hand,  overheating can cause dehydration and respiratory infections. 
    Therefore are, heating pads an essential part of nearly every reptile enclosure. They provide a stable, energy-efficient, low-cost, and energy-efficient source of heat for your reptile, which is crucial for its health and survival. However, you should know that heat mats differ in quality, wattage, output, and features.


    Which size to choose

    When deciding which heating pad to buy, you should look at the design and size of your tank and the requirements of your specific reptile. Because if you decide on a too small mat, it won't produce the heat your animal needs. On the other hand, if it's too large, it will generate too high a temperature- resulting in grave health issues.

    Size guide

    Approx. Tank Size in volume also
     depends on the tank design and format of the surface.

    Pad Size

    Up to 40 liters

    14 x 15 cm
    5 Watts

    80 liters

    15 x 28 cm
    7 Watts

    100-150 liters

    28 x 28 cm
    14 Watts

    Up to 200 liters

    42x 28 cm
    20 Watts

    Up to 200 liters

    53x 28 cm
    28 Watts

    200 liters and larger

    65x 28 cm
    35 Watts

    200 liter and larger

    80 x 28 cm
    45 Watts

    The right wattage

    The wattage of a heating pad determines how hot it will get.

    Consequently, too high output means your tank will get too hot, and your reptile can dehydrate and become sensitive to infections. If it is too cold, your scaled friend will become sluggish, leading to other issues, such as digestion problems. 

    Consequently, our ELEA reptile heating pads run from a low of five watts to a high of 45 watts. What wattage to choose will depend on the size and format of your terrarium. Be sure to have a look at our general size guide above. In fact, an appropriate-size heating mat will provide you with a consistent 24-hour source of warmth.

    Add a separate thermostat

    The ELEA Heating Pad comes with no built-in thermostat. However, you can plug it into an external thermostat, rheostat, or timer. To control your various heat sources, it is always a good idea to invest in a quality thermostat to maintain your enclosure's heat levels stable.  


    Keep your reptiles safe

    A separate thermostat will keep your reptile from injury if the heating mat overheats and guarantees a non-fluctuation, stable temperature. It will automatically shut off your under-tank heater if it exceeds a temperature. 

    Check out our app-controlled BRIDA Smart thermostat,  for example. Besides remotely controlling your enclosure's temperature levels, the BRIDA thermostat is a whopping 3500 W thermostat, which means you can add many heat sources simultaneously. 

    Finally, please note

    The ELEA Heating Pad is water resistant but not waterproof (please do not submerge under water), but you can wipe it down and need not worry about it while cleaning your tank. Avoid damaging the mat from accidental folding or creasing. Do not bend or cut, and do not pierce or staple. 



    • Wattage: 5W, 7W, 14W, 20W, 28W, 35W, 45W  
    • Sizes: 5W(14*15cm), 7W(15*28cm), 14W(28*28cm), 20W(42*28cm), 28W(53*28cm), 35W(65*28cm), 45W(80*28cm)
    • Power On/Off with dimmer function/temperature adjustment
    • CE-marked (meets EU safety, health, or environmental requirements)


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