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HANNA Heating Pad Day & Night

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A safe, easy-to-use thermostatic heating mat with day and night functions.

A constant and reliable heat

Reptiles benefit from consistent and reliable heat. This smart heating mat with a built-in thermostat maintains a constant temperature and protects your pet from damage caused by overheating.

The day and night temperatures can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Setting the temperature according to your reptile's natural cycle is possible with day and night functionality and ensures your reptile's overall health and happiness.

Digital temperature control with LED display

An LED display provides a quick overview of the current and set temperatures. A clear and reliable heat indicator ensures safe and reliable operation.

We guarantee quality and safety.

The product undergoes strict quality control and a thorough safety inspection.
HANNA Heating Mat Day & Night provides optimal heating while ensuring the safety of your reptile.

Easy to use and install

The HANNA Heating Pad Day and Night is perfect for beginners and experienced reptile owners. Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, durable, long-lasting and robust.

Recommendations for use and product specifications

Temperature control range: 20°C-42°C  (68°F-108°F).
Temperature display ranges from 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F).
The mat measures 4W, 8W, 16W and 24W.
Before pasting the heating mat and covering it with 3M adhesive, it is important to determine the intended placement. Due to heat loss during sensing, do not move the position of the mat to optimize efficiency and set the temperature higher than desired.

Make sure your reptile is comfortable

Take advantage of the safe and simple HANNA Heating Mat with day and night modes. Give your reptile the optimal heating solution to maintain a comfortable climate.

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