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KAI Hydroponics Kit

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Revamp Your Hydroponics with KAI: The AI-driven Smart Controller

Tap into the power of technology in your hydroponic setup with KAI, the AI-powered smart controller designed to transform your growing process. KAI has advanced sensors that continuously check the pH level, electric current, dissolved solids, air temperature, moisture, water temperature, and water level to ensure optimal plant growth conditions. It's that simple. 

Seamless Plant Surveillance, Anytime, Anywhere

Integrate the included 1080p HD camera into the KAI app to monitor your plants from any corner of the world effortlessly. Capture beautiful time-lapse videos to record progress and share your story with other enthusiasts. With KAI as your partner, control your hydroponic system like a pro.

BETA Features:

  • KAI Health™: Predictive Artificial Intelligence Health Monitoring
  • CO2 Measurements
  • In-app Light Sensors: (PAR, LUX, CCT, DLI)
  • Bluetooth Ready


KAI Hydroponics Kit
KAI Hydroponics Kit