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Always relentless, transparent, helpful and on-point

We work with a lean but efficient organization focusing on finding and developing reliable products with high value and quality. We strive to spend practically no money on advertising and waste no time on unnecessary sales talk; it is what it is. If we succeed, the value of our products should speak for itself. Keeping things accurate, helpful, and on-point means we can supply you with innovative products without the hassle and the excessive price markups.


Striving for healthy, contented animals and prosperous, joyful reptile care and preservation

We are passionate about reptiles and the way of nature. We believe that your animals deserves the best. To ensure we always keep this at heart, we are operating, thanks to our wonderful community, with longstanding experience and expertise in reptile husbandry. We know many of the demands and difficulties of keeping optimal conditions for our fascinating friends. Thanks to the passionate network, we are working and developing jointly with voluntary efforts from other recognized reptile breeders who share our quest.



Make fun and prosperous reptile care accessible to everyone

In a world filled with tools and information with various degrees of usefulness and accuracy, we try to keep it simple and user-friendly, educating solely on the most useful of the latest tech and striving to provide the tools necessary to make joy and purposive reptile care accessible for everyone. Be it newbies or advanced keepers looking to enhance a smoother operation. We test, research, and develop products pushing the standards of reptile gear.


Join our quest!
The Stockholm Reptile Team

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