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TIDA Day and Night Timer

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Achieve effortless, unattended control of your terrarium or aquarium devices with the TIDA Day and Night Timer. This digital marvel offers precision, flexibility, and ease of use to enhance your pet's well-being.

Enhance Your Pet's Environment

Elevate your terrarium or aquarium setup with the TIDA Day and Night Timer. This advanced digital timer ensures your 240V devices operate on a customizable on/off cycle, with adjustable durations ranging from one minute to 24 hours. Take advantage to create separate day and night cycles, mimicking nature for optimal reptile health.

Key Features:

Effortless Operation: Set it and forget it – our timer simplifies device control.
Digital Display: Easily monitor and adjust settings with a clear digital display.
Versatile Modes: Choose from Day, Night, or 24-hour mode to suit your pet's needs.


Dimensions: 130x120x50 mm
Timer Setting Range: 0 seconds to 12 hours
Power Cord Length: 2 meters

Perfect for time-cycling lights, heaters, and misting systems, the TIDA Day and Night Timer ensures a carefully curated environment.

TIDA Day and Night Timer
TIDA Day and Night Timer