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KAI Fresh Water Kit

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Elevate Your Aquarium Care with KAI: The AI-Powered Aquatic Revolution

Upgrade your aquarium care routine with KAI, the AI-powered smart controller designed to revolutionize freshwater aquarium maintenance.

Real-Time Data for Happy Fish and Vibrant Plants

KAI provides real-time data to ensure your fish and plants are healthy with sensors that measure critical parameters like pH, EC (Electric Conductivity), TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), salinity, temperature, and water level.

Say goodbye to guessing and hello to proactive care!

KAI's advanced technology automates your devices based on environmental factors for optimal conditions for your aquatic friends.

Explore Your Aquarium Anytime, Anywhere with an Integrated HD Camera

Watch your tank anytime, anywhere, with an integrated 1080p HD camera.

Embrace the Future of Aquarium Care with KAI

Discover the future of aquarium care with KAI's next-level maintenance.

BETA Features:

  • KAI Health™: Predictive Artificial Intelligence Health Monitoring
  • CO2 Measurements
  • In-app Light Sensors: (PAR, LUX, CCT, DLI)
  • Bluetooth Ready
KAI Fresh Water Kit
KAI Fresh Water Kit
KAI Fresh Water Kit