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HEKA Heat Panel

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HEKA Heat Panel is a powerful and energy-efficient quality heater

Radiant heat panels are an excellent option for heating reptile and amphibian habitats. The HEKA Heat Panel is a versatile heating solution for wooden and glass habitats. It comes in different sizes and wattages, with or without an integrated, stageless thermostat.


You can use it as your sole heater

Made explicitly for heating animal habitats, the HEKA Heat Panel is a suitable replacement for lamps and a cheaper way to heat your terrarium and vivarium. It's stronger than heating mats; you can use it as your terrarium's sole heater. The panel produces heat like the sun and reaches a temperature of 70°C (like a radiator in an interior setting), which keeps reptiles healthy and stimulates their metabolisms.


Works even at high humidity levels 

There are two surfaces on the HEKA Heat Panel: the top is white plastic, and the bottom is white powder-coated aluminum. Since the heating element is double-sealed, it works even at high humidity levels without breaking down. The HEKA Heat Panel prevents thermal loss between the inside and the top due to a lot of insulation. HEKA Heat Panels keep the top of the plate at lower temperatures so they can be mounted directly on a caged ceiling without overheating. Of course, you can also place the IVA on any terrarium walls.


The HEKA Heat panel version without a thermostat doesn't have an adjustable temperature, so you'll need an external thermostat.
Adjust the height of the plate to change the temperature at the bottom.
For screw installation, the plates have four 6 mm threaded holes in the center.



21x31cm 40W
31x41cm 75W
41x51cm 110W
51x61cm 150W

HEKA Heat Panel
HEKA Heat Panel
HEKA Heat Panel
HEKA Heat Panel