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LOA Smart Temp & Humidity and Data Logger

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The LOA Smart Temp & Humidity and Data Logger is an intelligent Bluetooth data logger for measuring temperature and humidity, featuring a super-thin 13mm body and low-power Bluetooth technology. In addition to reptile enclosures, it can also be used in industries that monitor environmental temperatures. With high resolution, it can record temperatures from -30°C to +70°C—It displays real-time temperature and humidity information for up to 65000 readings. The LOA logger lets you quickly and accurately set all parameters with the Bluetooth App software. It's CE-RED certified and complies with EN12830 for food transport, storage, and distribution.

  • Large LCD screen for clear display
  • Intelligent alarm alerts
  • Parameters configurable
  • View real-time and historical data through the app
  • Export data files in PDF and CSV format

Easy to operate and place
The Bluetooth App software allows you to set various parameters quickly and accurately. The logger features a built-in magnet with a magnetic sheet on the sticker so it can be attached to walls or other ferrous objects.

Super-thin body and low consumption
The LOA Bluetooth temperature and humidity data loggers use button batteries, making them super-thin at 13mm. An electronic screen with ultra-low power consumption that lasts up to 200 days. For repeated use, you can replace the battery quickly.

Displays temperature and humidity in real-time
A real-time view of current temperature and humidity, max/min temperature and humidity, and battery level.

Exceptional precision and capacity
With a high level of accuracy of 0.5°C, the HACCP temperature sensor can measure temperatures from -30°C to 70°C. Widely applicable. You can store up to 65,000 readings.

Smart app alert
You'll receive a notification alert on your phone once the temperature is out of the preset range. You can use this temperature and humidity data logger to optimize the climate of the enclosure at any given time.

Free data storage & export
Data is uploaded to the App via Bluetooth when the LOA logger is connected. Access historical data online, export it in PDF or CSV, and view it anytime.

LOA Smart Temp & Humidity and Data Logger
LOA Smart Temp & Humidity and Data Logger (working display) | STOCKHOLM REPTILES
LOA Smart Temp & Humidity and Data Logger (from side/super thin) | STOCKHOLM REPTILES