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KAI Saltwater Kit

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Elevate Your Saltwater Aquarium Experience with KAI: The AI-powered Precision Controller

Discover a world of unmatched convenience and accuracy with KAI, the smart controller powered by AI crafted specifically for fans of saltwater aquariums.

Get immediate access to crucial water data thanks to KAI's top-of-the-line sensors, and enjoy ultimate precision and convenience

Equipped with advanced sensors, such as pH and EC (Electric Conductivity) probes, KAI provides immediate access to essential water parameters.

Intelligent Automation for Optimal Aquatic Conditions

With KAI's intelligent automation, your devices are integrated seamlessly to ensure the ideal conditions for your aquatic pets.

Stay connected to your underwater haven anywhere with the KAI app and an HD camera

Stay connected to your underwater sanctuary from anywhere with the 1080p HD camera that easily syncs with KAI app for effortless time-lapse viewing.

Transform your aquarium management with KAI and boost your reptile companions' happiness and health

Revolutionize your aquarium care routine with KAI and elevate your reptile companions' well-being to new heights.

Discover KAI's cutting-edge Beta Features

KAI Health™: Predictive Artificial Intelligence Health Monitoring
~dKH Alkalinity, ~Ca Calcium Measurements
In-app light sensors (PAR, LUX, CCT, DLI)
Bluetooth Ready

KAI Saltwater Kit
All available KAI Sheets (six environment-specific kits)