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KAI Terrarium Kit

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Optimized Habitat for Healthy Reptiles and Vibrant Plants

Elevate your reptile care with KAI, the AI-powered smart controller designed for terrariums and vivariums. This all-in-one kit features sensors providing real-time data on crucial environmental parameters such as EC, TDS, ground temperature, ground moisture, air temperature, humidity, and water level.

Get real-time insights and remote surveillance for a healthy habitat.

Upgrade your reptile care routine with KAI's intelligent automation capabilities, allowing you to streamline your pet and plant care. KAI's high-definition 1080p camera lets you monitor your reptile's well-being remotely, even when you're away.

With KAI as your reptile care companion, you can ensure that every aspect of their habitat is monitored and optimized, providing effortless reptile care. Experience the future of terrarium technology with KAI.

BETA Features:

  • KAI Health™: Predictive Artificial Intelligence Health Monitoring
  • CO2 Measurements
  • In-app Light Sensors: (PAR, LUX, CCT, DLI)
  • Bluetooth Ready
KAI Terrarium Kit
KAI Terrarium Kit
KAI Terrarium Kit