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LYSA All In One Mercury Vapor Lamp - Complete UVB/UVA and Heat Lamp, 80-275W

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The LYSA All In One combines heat, UVB, and UVA light for any basking spot

Get the benefits of all worlds with the LYSA All-In-One Mercury Vapor Lamp! This powerful lamp combines heat, UVB, and UVA to create a sunny spot in your vivarium that mimics animals' natural exposure in the wild. And when mounted at a lower height, it can provide substantial heat to help with vitamin D3 synthesis. With its balanced UVB and UVA lighting system, the LYSA All-In-One Mercury Vapor Lamp is a top choice among UVB lamps. Upgrade your vivarium lighting setup and provide the closest thing to natural sunlight with the LYSA All-In-One Mercury Vapor Lamp.


  • Provides heat, UVB, and UVA in one lamp: This lamp combines three essential elements for reptile health into a single device, making it a convenient and complete lighting solution.

  • Mimics natural sunlight: The LYSA lamp's balanced UVB and UVA lighting system is designed to closely mimic the spectrum of natural sunlight, providing your reptile with a more natural and comfortable environment.

  • Can provide substantial heat: When mounted at a lower height, the LYSA lamp can provide substantial heat.

  • Contributes to vitamin D3 synthesis: UVB light is critical for synthesizing vitamin D3 in reptiles, and the LYSA lamp provides a balanced UVB spectrum that can help with this process.

  • Long lifespan of around 5,000 hours.


Open tank and the right distance

It is impossible to use mercury vapor lamps with a thermostat, so it is commonly used in open-topped tortoise tables and well-ventilated enclosures that prevent heat buildup.

There are five different wattages available; the following information will assist you in choosing the right bulb and the correct distance from your pet for safe installation. The minimum distance was measured when the reptile was sitting tall and not lying flat.

  •  80 W - about 25-35 cm between the light and animal
  • 100W - about 35-45 cm between the light and animal
  • 125W  -about 45-55 cm between the light and animal
  • 160W - about 60-75 cm between the light and animal
  • 275W  -about 75-115 cm between the light and animal

To establish a suitable UVB gradient or temperature for your reptile, you should be aware of your reptile's UVB needs before basking. LYSA All In One 275W bulb has a high UVB output, so it's perfect for large enclosures. You might need an extra halogen heater or UVB bulb for your reptile. Always check the temperature at the basking spot - never risk burning your reptile! Ensure you monitor the heat in the basking area and adjust the fixture-to-basking area distance accordingly. 

Using this product with a heater guard rated for at least 275 watts is recommended to prevent overheating.


Product details

  • Color temp 4000K
  • UVB Intensity 1600
  • Lifetime 5000H
  • Energy efficiency class b
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