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REVA LED Bar Natural White Light, Day/Grow light

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Easy to use and full spectrum capabilities

Your ultimate lighting solution for reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish, and plants is now available with the REVA LED Bar Light. With its easy-to-use controls and full-spectrum lighting capabilities, the REVA LED Bar Light is suitable for all vivariums, terrariums, and freshwater tanks.


With a few clicks, you can adjust the time, color, and brightness to suit your needs. You can choose from three different time settings - 6 hours, 10 hours, or 12 hours - and ten brightness levels to create the perfect lighting environment. You can also customize your case with three color modes - all lights on, white/red/green/pink, or blue.

Compact, durable with an adjustable mount

With a user-friendly design and high-quality materials, the REVA LED Bar Light is guaranteed to last. With a color rendering index of 89% and a soft, natural feel, the 6500K white light is safe for pets and bystanders. The durable ABS shell and sturdy metal mount of this light make it suitable for a wide range of enclosures. The compact size and adjustable mount make it an ideal choice.

REVA LED Bar Light is an excellent choice for reptiles, amphibians, insects, fish, and plants.



  • Lifespan 50 000 hrs
  • Input voltage AC100 -240V
  • Output voltage DC20V
  • Power 10W/14W/16W/20W/25W/32W
  • Kelvin White 6500K, Blue 455nm, Red 620nm, Green 560nm
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) 89



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