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TORO day and night climate controller

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Elevate Your Pet and Plant Care with TORO Climate Control

Introducing the TORO Climate Control, the ultimate solution for precise reptile care. With the BETC-B2, you can maintain optimal conditions effortlessly.

Effortless Reptile Care

This smart device controls heating, cooling, humidity, and timed devices with its four 240V receptacles. Need to trigger lighting or operate pumps? The timer outlet has got you covered.

Precise Temperature and Humidity Control with TORO

Equipped with a remote sensor probe and integrated photocell, it ensures separate day and night temperature and humidity levels. Plus, the low-temperature protection feature keeps your pets and plants safe.

Optimal Reptile Habitat, All Day and Night

With its advanced day and night functionality, you can ensure your beloved reptiles experience optimal temperature and humidity levels around the clock. Say goodbye to worrying about temperature fluctuations.

Safety and Reliability: ETL, CE, and FCC-Approved TORO

Rest easy knowing it's ETL, CE, and FCC-approved for safety and dependability.
Upgrade Your Reptile Habitat with TORO Climate Control.


Max Amp: 10 amps @ 220~240V AC 50Hz
Power Cord Length (ft/m): 6.5 / 2
Sensor Cord Length (ft/m): 15 / 4.5
Temp Setting: Cool Mode( F/ C): Adjustable 50-122 / 10-50
Temp Setting: Heat Mode( F/ C): Adjustable 40-112 / 5-45
Temp Setting: Temp Deadband( F/ C): Adjustable 2/4/6,1/2/3
Temp Accuracy Rating ( F/℃): [+/-] 2 / 1
Low Temp Setting( F/ C): Adjustable 40-70 / 5-20
Humidity Setting Range(rH): 5% to 95%
Humidity Accuracy(rH): +/-3%
Humidity Deadband(rH): 5%
Timer Programming Range: 0 seconds to 24 Hours
Timer Modes: Day/Night/24 Hour
Weight (lbs/kg): 3.5 / 1.6
Dimensions (inch/mm): 8x7.5x3.3 / 202x191x85
Indoor Use Only For Altitudes up to 6500 ft / 2000 m
Operating Temperature Range: 5℃ to 40℃
Maximum Relative Humidity: 80%
IP Rating: IP20



TORO day and night climate controller
TORO day and night climate controller
TORO day and night climate controller
TORO day and night climate controller