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Discover and buy a curated selection of smart automatic tools, climate controls, lighting, and heating products. We focus on functionality and quality for your terrariums and vivariums. All are tested and selected to add happiness to your reptile keeping and create a wild, nature-like environment.

Smart Tools Collection - STOCKHOLM REPTILES

Smart Tools

Take control of your reptile's environment with intelligent tools. Providing reptiles with an automated environment facilitates good husbandry and maximizes life expectancy in captivity.  Imagine...
Pre-Order new releases and sold-out favorites

Pre-Order new releases and sold-out favorites

Preorder the Latest Tech for Vivariums & Terrariums We want you to be the first to know! Things are about to get better than ever. ...
Your Favorite Collection - STOCKHOLM REPTILES

Your favorites

This section provides an updated list of our store's most popular reptile tech products. Which items are most critical to you when it comes to...
BRIDA Smart Thermostat 3500 W Collection Climate Control STOCKHOLM REPTILES

Climate Control

Precise control is required to create and maintain optimal wild environmental conditions for your reptilian friend. The proper microclimate inside a vivarium can be achieved...
Reptile lighting Collection - STOCKHOLM REPTILES

Reptile Lighting

Reptile lighting is an essential element of reptile keeping  Explore our selection of reptile lighting products & accessories and take an extra peak at our different UVB...
Reptile Heating Collection - STOCKHOLM REPTILES

Reptile Heating

Ideal heating for your reptiles Our product range of reptile heating systems comes in two primary forms: overhead heating, for example, bulbs simulating the sun's...

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